April 09, 2011

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Santana x Steele Pups Two Weeks Old

The pups have turned 2 weeks old tonight are doing fantastic. If you have peeked in on the Puppy Cam, you have seen how great they are getting around, now. All eyes were opened completely by day 9-10. Quite a bunch of very strong, beautiful pups. When I took them out of the box this evening, they walked right off the blanket. Willy put his nose in the air and went straight for Santana’s food bowl. Kona joined him. I took the dish away! They received their first round of deworming meds tonight. I still cannot see any color at all on Doc and Cane. Enjoy the photos.

All else is going well. Trying to run all the dogs as much as possible so we all can start getting back in shape (I am the worst). We are crazy busy with work, training, etc., etc., just as is the rest of the world, I’m sure!

Got this shot of Luke yesterday on a lone point on a lone grouse:

Luke Grouse Point
Luke Grouse Point

And Scott got some great video of a bobcat on his trail camera.

Over and out for tonight.