Announcing The Llewellin Setter Academy!

My mission is to help you have a healthier dog and breeders to raise healthier Llewellin Setters puppies through educational content based on over twenty years raising, training, and breeding Llewellin Setters. To help support these efforts, this page may contain affiliate links. I may earn a small commission for qualifying purchases at no cost to you.



Coming December 30th, 2016. 

Registration only available until December 30th, 2016.

Registration will close at midnight December 30th until probably February-March 2017. This is so I can devote all my attention to the very special founding members that join before December 29th. The foundation prices will also increase before the next opening for new registrations. 

Just What is in the Llewellin Setter Academy?

It is an epic, one-of-a-kind resource packed full of information for every Llewellin Setter owner, enthusiast, and breeder!

“Owners” Membership

  • Extensive articles on health, nutrition, grooming, training, & hunting
  • Full-length Courses:
    • The Complete Canine Nutrition Course (This course alone is a $300 value)
    • The Complete Course on How to Feed Your Dog Raw
    • How to Find Places to Hunt
    • The Complete Puppy Guide
      • Picking a Puppy
      • Before you get your Puppy
      • After you get your Puppy
      • Beginning Training: First Weeks, Months, and First Year
    • Canine First Aid
    • All about Vaccines
      • Core Vaccines
      • Non-Core Vaccines
    • Canine Diseases Library
    • Just to name a few and new ones will be added monthly!
  • Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with me and special guests are planned for future sessions.

The Breeders Membership

Breeder’s Membership Option that will teach you everything you need to know and that I wished I had known 20 years ago:

  • Complete Course on How to Build A Fantastic Website for your Kennel 
    • Step-by-Step videos on everything from picking a name, registering the domain name, choosing a host, installation of WordPress, Set-up, Design, and more!
  • All about Whelping, Supplies, Problems
  • How to Raise A Fantastic, Healthy Litter of Puppies with Week-by-Week Help
  • How to Find Excellent Homes for Your Puppies
  • How to Remove Dewclaws
  • All About Medications and Vaccinations: When, What, and How
  • How to Build a Take-Down Whelping Box
  • How to Begin House-Training
  • How to Crate-Train Your Litter
  • How to Prepare and Fly A Puppy for Your Customer: Getting the Puppy Ready, Crate Training, Desensitizing, How to Book Flights for Puppies, Get Pup Ready for the Airport, Arriving at the Airport & Check-in.
  • Library of Downloadable, Printable Forms such as: Litter Charts, Health Information Forms for your Puppies/Clients
  • And that’s just the beginning!!