The Llewellin Setter Academy


The Llewellin Setter Academy

Coming November 30th, 2016. 

Registration only available until November 29th, 2016.

Registration will close at midnight November 29th until probably February-March 2017. This is so I can devote all my attention to the members. 

What is in this special, members-only educational site?

An Epic, one-of-a-kind resource packed full of information for every Llewellin Setter owner, enthusiast, and breeder!

The “Owners” Membership

  • Extensive articles on health, nutrition, grooming, training, & hunting
  • Full-length Courses:
    • The Complete Canine Nutrition Course (This course alone is a $300 value)
    • The Complete Course on How to Feed Your Dog Raw
    • How to Find Places to Hunt
    • How to Build a Training/Grooming Table
    • The Complete Puppy Guide
      • Picking a Puppy
      • Before you get your Puppy
      • After you get your Puppy
      • Beginning Training: First Weeks, Months, and First Year
    • All about Vaccines
      • Core Vaccines
      • Non-Core Vaccines
    • Canine Diseases Library
    • Just to name a few and new ones will be added monthly!
  • Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with me and special guests are planned for future sessions.

The “Breeders” Membership

Breeder’s Membership Option that will teach you everything you need to know and that I wished I had known 20 years ago:

  • Complete Course on How to Build A Fantastic Website for your Kennel 
    • Step-by-Step videos on everything from picking a name, registering the domain name, choosing a host, installation of WordPress, Set-up, Design, and more!
  • All about Whelping, Supplies, Problems
  • How to Raise A Fantastic, Healthy Litter of Puppies with Week-by-Week Help
  • How to Find Excellent Homes for Your Puppies
  • How to Remove Dewclaws
  • All About Medications and Vaccinations: When, What, and How
  • How to Build a Take-Down Whelping Box
  • How to Begin House-Training
  • How to Crate-Train Your Litter
  • How to Prepare and Fly A Puppy for Your Customer: Getting the Puppy Ready, Crate Training, Desensitizing, How to Book Flights for Puppies, Get Pup Ready for the Airport, Arriving at the Airport & Check-in.
  • Library of Downloadable, Printable Forms such as: Litter Charts, Health Information Forms for your Puppies/Clients
  • And that’s just the beginning!!