Update On Ice Cleats

I wanted to post an update on the ice cleats I spoke of the other day in this post… As it turns out, I really don’t think they should be called ice cleats, as they do not have cleats at all. Actually, maybe they never where called that, I just didn’t know what else to call them.

Neither here nor there, I have been wearing them every day and tried a few things. First, I do believe I had them on backwards the first few days. Just for the heck of it, and after they slipped off yet again, I turned them around. I then walked several hours in them with Rosey. I walked on all different terrain, ground cover, snow several inches deep to no snow at all, to ice. They never slipped off again.

Today, however, I was wearing them and very confidently so, when I went skating across the ice in the driveway and almost fell while carrying water buckets to the barn.

I think these are okay, but they will not save you from falling on ice. I believe I need to try a pair with actual cleats.

Has anyone tried any brand or type in particular and what are your thoughts/recommendations?