Shut Up Already

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Okay, I am sure that sounds quite rude, but come on, already…

So, SW PA got about 2 feet of snow last weekend. And all I have heard on the news for 2 days is how everyone is so mad and upset that their roads are not plowed, yet! Everyone whining and complaining and acting like it is some huge sin. In the meantime most cities are broke financially. Most have used up their budget for snow removal long ago. And everyone wants to complain about the roads. In Winter. In Pennsylvania. Huh? And, who is going to pay for all the extra man hours and materials to keep the roads clear? I just don’t get people. But, they don’t want taxes raised. They don’t want to pay for it–but they sure can whine on the television to news reporters how unbelievable it is that there is snow on the roads?

My advice, for what it’s worth–why don’t you move to Florida, Texas, Hawaii or somewhere you won’t have to drive on snowy roads and find something to complain about there–complain that it is too hot or the sunshine is giving you skin cancer and the towns should put up shade umbrellas everywhere, but if you are going to live in PA, don’t you think you might have to deal with snow on the roads in the winter?

Come on now..