Puppy Update

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Dora and the puppies are doing great! Dora still needs out several times during the night and she is being a picky eater, but that is very normal. The pups are gaining weight and are a very content bunch.


The dew claws will be removed tomorrow and  I will name them and get individual photos over the very cold, and (hopefully) snowy holiday weekend. They will be named after cities/towns/villages of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 🙂 They just have to be, being they are the first, very special litter conceived and born in the “Superior State!” 🙂

For now, I have loaded some photos and video. I know, it’s nothing like the Live Puppy Cam, but the best I can do right now being that there is no company that will run such a service for me, here! So sad. I think I will have to move (seriously). I really want in the snow belt, anyway. It wasn’t a problem getting high-speed internet service there, either. Crazy! Less people, more remote, and better internet!

Well, enjoy the video and photos and have a great afternoon.



Dora x Steele Pups