July 11th, 2010 Update

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I have started about 20 posts and never finished them! I have really fallen behind with the updates! So, what’s new?

I received some new photos of Bella (Torri, first pick female from the Muscle Cars litter), and of Rain (Kimber from the Gunners litter). I will post them soon and look  to be see if I have others I am forgetting at this moment! (sorry, if I am forgetting someone!)

Update on Dora x Luke’s Expected Litter:

Dora and Luke puppies are due in just about one week! Dora is doing well and becoming quite uncomfortable as her time gets closer. She seems quite full of puppies, but I cannot make a guess as to how many with her.  I just can not tell this time!  Sometimes I think she looks huge and other times I don’t think she looks very big at all. I need to really spend time watching her belly and the puppies moving and see if I can make an estimate. But, no matter how many, I just want a healthy litter and easy delivery for her.

I am so excited for this litter! I know, I am sure I say it about all our litters–and it is true. I wouldn’t do the breeding if I wasn’t certain it would produce excellent pups! And, you all know how I feel about Luke–he is the “man” in my eyes. And Dora is no slouch, either. I am really excited for a look at some high-stepping, sassy, bird-crazy, style-all-over-the-place, full-hooded (maybe?)  tri-color Dora and Luke clones! I could really care less about color, and I say that all the time, but there is just something about the unbelievable handsomeness and coloration and style of Luke, and the sassy, high-stepping style of Dora that I just love and am very attracted to. Luke “rocks my world” on a daily basis. I am constantly in awe of him and he frankly just takes my breath away. I’m sure that sounds very strange, I just can’t help it. I find him so handsome, so stylish, such a sweetheart–but bold, brave, and strong–and he is so intelligent, has an unbelievable nose, and is my pal. There is just something so special about him–call me kennel blind, but I don’t think I am. I don’t breed every dog I have because I don’t think everyone of them is worthy or an excellent specimen of the breed.  I think I look at these dogs with a very critical eye. It’s not just about throwing two excellent bird dogs together, it’s about pairing each with a suitable match that will produce a litter of even puppies–not one or two excellent puppies, but an entire litter of excellent puppies (a close your eyes and pick litter because everyone of them are going to be excellent).

This is Dora’s maiden litter. Luke is the sire of  Blue, Boone, Count, Maddie, and Midge (out of Shay). Each are excellent bird dogs–you’ve all heard me talk about them. You are well aware, I am sure, that everyone of the pups Luke has sired has turned out to be grouse-machines! Really, no kidding. Midge is the “Queen” of LML because I can’t resist her enthusiasm and she has to go on just about every single hunt. Maddie, the chestnut gal, is also a grouse-finding machine with such style and grace that I am in constant awe of her. Count (mostly my son’s dog) is a very handsome tri-belton, sassy, bird finding fool. Boone, well, this class act is very close to my idea of a perfectly built Llewellin dog with nose, intelligence, style…. all of it. Steele is very much like Boone.  Blue has made his owner a very happy camper by being an incredible upland bird dog… Dora’s lines have produced very excellent, intelligent, driven bird dogs….so, you bet I am excited about the potential of this litter! Both Luke and Dora are right in the middle as far as their size–not too small and not too big–just right.

There are reservations for male pups available, no more reservations for females until the litter has whelped and we see what we have, though.

Other LML News:

Well, not a lot to discuss at the moment. I have been working the dogs as much as possible. All young dogs are really coming along fantastically. I have been using pigeons because our quail are not yet here! In a few weeks, we should finally have quail, as they are hatching today! 🙂

Timber Rattler
Timber Rattler

Along with the heat also comes more sightings and encounters with the dreaded Timber Rattler! UGH. We are fortunate not to have too many dangers for our dogs here in PA, but the Rattle and Copperhead snakes are certainly two of them.  Most fellows stick to field-training now.  I hate to say it, but I may have to stay out of the nice, cool woods myself for a bit! Scott encountered this one last week!

I haven’t been taking the camera lately, because my hands are full working the dogs, flushing the birds, etc. I will try to catch up with photo taking when I have a helper available. And, speaking of photos, I have decided to start the contest very soon and try to produce a 16-month calendar as the first edition, which would be published for next summer as I have fallen too far behind on the contest and producing a traditional calendar for January 2011 is now almost impossible!

Wild Bird Camp 2010

Just a little over 2 months, now, until I get to leave for “Wild Bird Camp 2010”! I can’t wait. I still haven’t secured a spot for an earlier wild bird camp out in the north-west, but suddenly a contact came through and it is actually looking promising! Stay tuned…