Jenna x Steele Pups Update—Day 4

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The puppies are really coming along.  They are gaining weight by leaps and bounds even though it would seem to me that Jenna doesn’t eat enough. She looks like a skeleton now! But, I guess after as large as she was carrying all those puppies she looks very thin, now. All I can do is offer her very nutritious meals and have a bit of peace of mind because the puppies are gaining steadily and seem quite healthy. We will already need to change the ID collars tonight as they are getting a bit too snug.

In fact, this litter could not be themed more appropriately! The definition of a “Muscle Car” is:  a high powered car for the driver who wants a little excitement. These puppies are so strong.  You should see how wound-up one will get when I am trying to photograph or weigh them and Jenna comes even remotely near.  They get so excited! There noses are going constantly and they smell her and go crazy for Momma. It really amazes me how well they get around for just 4- days old. crawl all over Jenna and the warming stuffed dogs (if you have seen the puppy cam, you may have noticed those two stuffed dogs. We put heated inserts in them and the puppies love them). If there are times Jenna would need to be away from them for very long we have these little inserts like make a heart-beat sound. Those actually came with another product I tried, but I use them in these as well.

The pups had their dew claws removed yesterday. All the pups in this litter had rear dew claws.

The little squibbers are becoming quite vocal and you can certainly tell when one of them are upset about something!  No, I don’t think this is a pile of boring puppies. Although, I would imagine that for some (especially the 2nd-grade class watching the “Jenna Cam”), things can look a little boring at times. In just a few weeks it will get more and more fun to watch. For now, I love to see which ones notice Jenna getting in the box and find her the quickest. 🙂 I am just across the room from them most of the day, but the cameras allow me to watch what is going on all the time. I can watch them all day in amazement, no matter how many times I’ve seen it before. Every litter is different and exciting to me.

That is all the news for tonight. It is time to change the puppy collars, weigh and photograph them, and do our little exercise program. They will also get their first nail trimming tonight. They already have very sharp little nails that must really be hurting Jenna.

Okay, over and out for tonight!