Red in the Morning…

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January 11, 2012

Red in the Morning...
Red in the Morning...


Good morning!

Rosey and Kea are getting me on a better schedule. While I do not hear my alarm, they do! So, they get me up and going earlier than I have been. Unless I just let the girls and Dora out, put the coffee on to brew, throw some wood on the fire, and tuck my aging, aching, tired body back into bed for just a wee bit longer… I think that’s the best 15 minutes of the entire night’s sleep… until Dora barks and wants back in… Then another insane day in the life that is mine begins… I think I need a whole body wag to get me going this morning…

It was an incredibly beautiful sunrise. A bit scary even. This camera didn’t quite capture it, but I suppose it is better to have any picture, rather than none.

Actually, that’s bs. I can’t stand bad photos.

It seems I can take far away shots, but cannot get the camera to focus on close shots. Don’t you think it is super-strange and weirdly karmic that I have the close-up focusing problem with all cameras at the same time? Maybe there is some underlying message there—like, maybe I am not focusing on the right things in my life? Or… maybe I can’t see clearly what is right in front of me? or perhaps my view of the world is skewed?

Na, that’s just a bunch of crap. I simply have to do some troubleshooting and research to find out the problem so I can get the photos of the pups updated!

January 11th, 2012
January 11th, 2012

Red sky in the morning, sailors warning;

Red sky at night, sailors delight.

So, maybe the red sky is a warning of the coming winter storm, perhaps not. None-the-less, it was beautiful. Wished I had been up an hour earlier and driven over to Lake Michigan to capture this one… with my really good camera of which I now can not find! What is wrong with me? How could I lose a camera? I’ll try to eat more turmeric and see if that helps my memory problem. Or is turmeric for clarity? I can’t clearly remember exactly. 😉

Any who… (hey, that reminds me of the movie “New in Town,” don’t cha know?)  Kea and Rosey had their morning romp and fun with the tweeties, then I could not pry them away from pointing the pigeons on the barn roof for forever. It is always so much fun to watch, that I just let them.


Hubby sent me his trail cam (which I had to go to the post office and pick up), I set it up the other day and have been excited every morning to check to see what is eating the corn at night. Nothing. Of course. I’ve had nothing on the camera. Just video of myself setting it up and taking the card out every morning. Yikes! I’ve started putting on make-up before going to check the camera, now. A little better anyway. I will have to see if Sally Barveld has some miracle, all natural, organic Mary Kay products that can help so I don’t scare all the critters away!

Maybe there will be activity this afternoon and tonight with the approaching weather system. Maybe not.

Okay, off to do the chores, then call and get an appointment set-up for Rosey to get her health certificate to fly, and make the reservation with the airline.

Have a great day and I hope if the approaching winter storm effects you, it only adds beauty to your world–and not treacherous driving!