How to Keep Your Llewellin Setter From Opening and Raiding the Refrigerator

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bungie cord the fridge


I kid you not… Not once, but twice yesterday, my five darling Llewellin Setter pups raided the refrigerator. The first time I thought I must have been careless and not completely closed the refrigerator door. I came inside to find two pups actually in the fridge. They had eaten the other half of the omelet and venison steak I had from dinner the night before. They also ate the package of steaks I had thawing and an entire package of hot dogs (I use to hide meds to give another dog).

I got that disaster cleaned up and went on with the business of the day, which included a stop at the market because I was now out of food and got another package of steaks (I have to have my steak). I got more hot dogs for the medication-giving, a watermelon, yellow and red sweet peppers, heavy whipping cream, a lovely gigantic beef roast, mushrooms, several dozen eggs, etc. I got home and got all that put away, cooked and peeled a huge batch of hard-boiled eggs, cleaned a giant batch of greens for salads for the week, etc. I gave the pups their dinner (a bowl of kibble) and went out to start the evening chores and work and then feed the older dogs.  I came back into the house around 10-10:30 and OH MY GOSH–they did it again! The puppies had a lovely feast of … yep… steaks, a huge beef roast, both packages of hot dogs, sweet peppers, salad, hard-boiled eggs, and the carton of cream. They said, the heck with that kibble no matter how much it costs, we will have steak, eggs, and a salad! They left the giant dish of million-dollar puppy kibble for me. hmmm… there is yet another good point toward feeding more raw foods and less kibble because I wouldn’t eat that kibble…. They were very full and content and slept with full-belly puppy dreams all night long.

After cleaning the kitchen and the fridge of all of the packaging leftovers (they do take the meat and vegies out of the packaging) and finding and attaching a bungie strap to the refrigerator, I slept, too, knowing they wouldn’t be raiding the fridge again (unless they chew the bungie strap off… which, they could easily do… darn it.) The pups were not at all happy about the strap as the buggers scratched, dug, and cried at the door trying to get it open this morning!

They are way too smart

At least I still have the watermelon and that bowl of puppy kibble… because they won’t touch that now.

I guess it all works out in the end because in a few short months those puppies will be filling that fridge and freezer (or yours) with Ruffs and Woodies or ditch-chickens, quail, huns, chuckar or whatever upland bird we hunt  them on.