10 Reasons I Don’t Mind Hunting Alone

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  1. If I sleep-in, run late, forget something… there is no one to get mad at me.
  2. Only the dog sees the missed shots.
  3. When I trip, fall, roll my ankle, bump into trees, shoot trees, lose things, need three attempts to back the dog trailer into the parking spot… the dog is the only witness.
  4. If my dog does something incredibly embarrassing, I am the only witness.
  5. I am a girl, drink a lot of coffee, and have a small bladder.
  6. If I do something embarrassing, the dog won’t tell anyone… except maybe the other dogs.
  7. I don’t have to worry about a buddy bringing his buddies to the hunting spots I’ve shared.
  8. I can never be accused of hunting a spot someone shared with me.
  9. I don’t have to worry about anyone accidentally shooting my dog.
  10. I like to sleep in, I do really stupid things sometimes, I’m not always a great shot, I really like my coffee and that God made me a woman, and I love my dogs.


What are yours?