The Upland Overland Vehicle

I am hoping that within the next few months, I’ll be able to obtain a vehicle that will be converted into an epic traveling/living/hunting vehicle for the cross-country excursions to hunt over, visit, photograph, film, and write about all the LML Llewellin Setters out there.

I think after years of research a converted ambulance just might be the perfect vehicle for the job. I’ve always wanted to covert and travel and live in a bus and while it offers so much more space, I don’t think it is what I need for this project. I’ve considered vans, too. But the van to do what I need it to do is much more costly to get into.

So, I think an ambulance–an F450 (possibly 350) with the 7.3 liter Turbo diesel is exactly what I need. Hopefully I can find one without rust, without too many miles–though the 7.3 is the million-mile engine.

God-willing, I will start saving and looking for one. And then the build-out can begin! I envision it ending up looking something like the above photo.