Some Holiday Fun

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Count on a snowy Grouse hunt

 Got out for a short and sweet Grouse hunt with one of my sons…

Who is technically Count’s owner.

My son wanted Count for his 18th birthday.

I’m the most blessed Mum on the Earth.

Seriously. I have the most wonderful 5 kids in the world.

One of our Llewellin Setters, Count, on a wintery Ruffed Grouse hunt.

IMG_0855-001There he is… just one of my 3 very handsome boys…


 Enjoying a lovely winter grouse hunt with his Mum and his Llew…


Wintery Sunset in the UP
Wintery Sunset in the UP

 Sunset on a wonderful, frigid winter day in the UP.

Our barn/kennels decorated a bit for the holidays
Our barn/kennels decorated a bit for the holidays

The barn decorated just a bit…

Thanks for reading and sharing in our crazy life!

Blessings to all and to all a good night.