New Photos of the Gunners

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The puppies are really coming along. They are quickly outgrowing our basement living room. The weather has just not cooperated much to let them romp in the yard. First, there was too much snow, then it was a sheet of ice, then a mud slide. Today, just as the latest storm started, the pups finally got to get out into the “big” yard!

Oh my gosh–they had a blast!!! They were off like a shot–no hesitation about it what-so-ever. They eagerly took off down the steep hill running full throttle, smelling, romping, rolling in the snow. Wow, they were ready. Seneca, Sioux, Cheyene, and Mohawk were off exploring–smelling the air, heads high in the air sucking in all the new smells. They explored everything in the one acre in a few minutes! They visited the “boys” in the kennels, they checked out the tiny, spring-fed pond at the bottom of the yard. They wanted no parts of coming back inside, either! It was snowing so hard, I could hardly see all the pups at times, but they were having a blast.

The pups are all growing and changing by leaps and bounds. The past week has been something else. They really have outgrown this room and are no longer content in it. They get over any obstacle to get up the steps to upstairs. They want to go and explore everything. They spend more and more time outside trying to get out of the little gated-in area.

Little Ben, as we have been calling him, has really grown the past week. He is becoming very handsome and filling out rather nicely–a beautiful blue belton pup! Kolar, my buddy–I just can’t help it–is such a darling boy! I just adore his personality. He is rather reserved and sort-of hangs back a bit watching. He follows me everywhere, though. I was a bad girl and took him to bed with me for three nights in a row–what an angel he was! He just settles right in, snuggling up to me and goes to sleep! He is right there looking at me when I wake up. I decided I had better not do that anymore. I am becoming too attached and his new owner may not want to take him to bed. Not a good idea, but gosh, I just can’t help it sometimes.

Kimber is really coming into her own as well. She reminds me so much of Maddie, it is really something. She is smart as a whip and such a good girl!

All the pups are so stylish, I can hardly believe it. I love the stalking, pointing one another, and their running style. Really, really nice in my opinion.

Griffin, Rossi, and Kimber are difficult to tell apart–all beautiful tri-beltons, very nicely ticked.

Rizzini is a super-smart boy. He is always using his nose and can find anything that I might be trying to hide–like treats in my coat pocket. He will pull the coat down onto the floor and get in that pocket and eat the treats!

Scott and I were trying to catch up on cleaning tonight. I was trying to distract and keep the pups busy while he ran the carpet cleaner. They were so funny on the sofas and chair. Really interested in what “dad” was doing. Too cute, these guys–and so handsome every one of them.

We are getting quite a bit of snow tonight so I had to cancel Seneca and Mohawk flying out to their new homes. I couldn’t see trying to get them all the way to Pittsburgh in terrible weather. I don’t mind the snow one bit–love it in fact–and I don’t mind driving in it at all either, but driving in it around the city of Pittsburgh is another story. There are too many that don’t know how to drive in the snow! Anyway, they will not be flying out quite yet, even though I have to say these guys are really really ready to go and explore their new homes! We’ll hope for clearer sailing next week.

That’s all for tonight, folks. Stay warm and safe.