National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic 2013

Where Bird Dogs are the stars of the show!

I really, really thought I would be able to make it this year and even though I am closer than ever and only about 6 hours away, no puppies are flying this weekend because it is too cold, and Scott is here and could essentially hold down the fort so I could go, I am just too swamped with work projects and way behind on things like paperwork and so many things that need done here, that there is really no way I could go and no feel terribly guilty about it.

There is really no where else I’d rather be, other than our hunting with my Llews of course, than at this event. But, I’ll have to settle for sticking closer to home and the possibility of going to the UP200 Sled Dog Race. At least that will keep me from going out of my mind wishing I was at the Quail Classic. šŸ™

I would beĀ particularlyĀ interested to see Hank Shaw’s “Getting the Most Out of Pheasants and Quail” and “Plucking, hanging and processing upland game birds”Ā or some of the other presentations on the Wild Game Cooking Stage.

Maybe sit in on any of the training seminars by the Smiths…

What the Dogs Taught Me” presented by Scott Linden of Wingshooting USA sounds pretty good.

Although this one seems like a contradiction if I ever heard one: “Nutrition and your Hunting Partner presented by Loyall Premium Dog Food.” Seriously? Sorry, I think they need to attend a seminar in canine nutritionĀ themselves.

Maybe it’s a good thing I am not going because I think I would probably cause a ruckus on that topic and a few others.

There are loads of great presentations on firearms, shooting, habitat, training, puppies, cooking your game, etc.

Check out all topics of the seminarsĀ here.

If you get to go, let us know all about it!