A Gloomy Day

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Gloomy, November Day
Gloomy, November Day


I’ll bet that really grabbed your attention, eh? Who wants to read something with that title? I try to keep with that saying that if you can’t something nice, don’t say anything at all. Well, I used to try to do that. As I grow older, however, I become grouchier and sometimes either forget or just don’t care to keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, it was the dreaded feeling I had as I woke this morning—and much earlier than I cared to, at that. I just don’t want to get up lately—and certainly not today. But, the four mutts licking my face and laying on me had different ideas—it’s time to get up Mum! No, no, no, just 3 or 4 or 10 more hours, please, please… it’s still dark out—and come on, we are bird-hunters now and don’t have to get up when it’s still dark out remember? And doggies, I had this nightmare that someone got re-elected and I’m afraid and it’s freezing and raining. I smell puppy poop. No, I’m never getting out of bed.

Okay, okay, okay already. I’m getting up, I’m getting up. It would go a lot faster if you would get off me Torri and Nash so I can actually sit up, you know?

Okay, doggies out to do their business, cuppa cold, left-over coffee into the nuker (I can’t even believe I own one and actually drink or eat things I put in there–what’s wrong with me?) while I get a fresh pot perking, get the puppy’s breakfast ready, clean mats, towels, and blankets out of the dryer, stack of clean newspapers ready, cleaning gloves, slippers on. Okay, sip that gross nuked coffee and “Good Morning Puppies!!!” Game on— puppy tales wagging, wagging, wagging, licking my feet and legs, and tugging on my jammies… Hi puppies! Hi! Good morning! Puppies, puppies, puppies! Oh my gosh, too stinking cute!

From 2012-11-07

Wish I was half that cute yawning in the morning, eh?


The puppies dive in and eat their breakfast like little mad starving somethings—puppies, I guess! They love their breakfast! Clean up the yuckies (uh… poop) from the night while they inhale their food and put down clean paper, mats, and blankets just in time for them to finish breakfast and mess the paper again. UGH. The lovely aroma of puppy poop first thing in the morning. All soiled things into the washer (it’s really nice to have a washer and dryer now!). Mental note: get more Clorox. Puppies playing, running, jumping, barking. fun, fun, fun-maybe I should try running and barking and nipping someone, eh? Big doggies are back in and ready for their breakfast. Okay, okay, there you go Mommas and Scott’s puppies… Oh! Better run downstairs and get the wood stove fired up. Cold, rainy, dreary day. Gloom and doom, eh? Can’t shake that feeling.


I don’t feel much like doing anything now. What has happened to me? It’s embarrassing. should hang my head in shame. I would give just about anything to go back to bed or actually I would give just about anything to be out working dogs. can’t. Quit whining. Wake up, get fired up, be positive. but I had that horrible dream, right? So sad feeling. Okay, get moving, brush the choppers, wash the face, get going. I need fresh strong black coffee. Actually, I would love some heavy cream in it, but I am not driving 25 miles to get it. I’ll wait until tomorrow when I have to make the trip to get dog food and supplies.

Try to cuddle up and get warm with the wet doggies on the sofa while I try to drink my coffee and see if my eyes stop burning. Mutts try to help me drink my prized cup of very strong coffee. Please, can I drink my coffee myself darlings? It’s not good for you and will stunt your growth or something like that. No. 

Okay, face my fears and turn on the monitor and hook up the satellite to watch the ridiculous TV to see if I really just had a bad dream about that election thing… nopeit wasn’t a dream. I’m going back to bed for like, ever, or at least until 2016 when there is another election. seriously, did this really happen? WTH is wrong with these people? Are they all on crack (a gal I worked with used to say that all the time) or is there something bad in my water and I’m the one that sees everything really twisted? Maybe I better start boiling my water?  Yep, I really need to go back to bed.

ding… ding… e-mail notifier from the boss. I have work! Yeah! Work means pay, pay means dog food, kennel building, big dog trailer, house payment, truck payment, insurances, electric, firewood, coffee—work is good! Okay, get it together fast, girl… get dressed, wee bit of makeup, brush the hair, refill the coffee mug, dash out into the rain to let the older pups out for a run and get their breakfast… check on Lady Bird and get her breakfast… she’s looking preggers… wish she would stop jumping up into the back of the truck! And, Scott, darling, you have to come get your dogs so I can move my L-Bird into the house where she belongs… she’s in no mood for your dogs hogging up the bed. Okay, it’s raining pretty good, everyone else is content with some breakfast and they would rather stay warm and dry in the barn….so wish I would have been able to finish painting the inside of the barn and garage kennels before it got too cold for painting. Not enough hours in a day I say…


So, back inside… wet, muddy, hands freezing, check the fire again, check the puppies…finally I work!



Break time—it’s puppy lunch time, take some pictures, change the papers again, clip a few nails (never-ending job). Let the big dogs out,  give the Mommas their lunch, let them in with their puppies.

Back to work….

Work done. Let the rest of the dogs out for a run, check the mail—cry—put the mail back in the mailbox. I’ll pretend I didn’t see the mail, right? It’ll make the night less depressing, right? Plus, I can’t read it because I don’t have any glasses to read it with because Scott’s canine darlings used them for chewy toys.


Bring in firewood, pick up land mines in the yard while it’s light out. So dreary and yucky—foggy, drizzle, chilly. Run to the little store down the road to get a pair of cheater glasses. The weekly paper is out today, I’ll get one because I love the stories like this:


The Great UP Holiday—Love that. πŸ™‚

Oh, and because you can here, you better get your deer bait from Charlie. πŸ™‚


And we have a recap of Superstorm Sandy…


Oh and cool, maybe I’ll go to this:


and maybe this one, too:


Probably not, but it sounds yummy. I want to go, get out, be supportive, and of course have a yummy breakfast that someone else cooked. but I won’t. I always think I will, and I even cut out the ad and stick it on the ‘fridge, but I never go. Actually, I did go to one, once.  Scott was here and it’s way more fun to go with someone. In fact, it’s just plain weird to go out anywhere, except hunting, by yourself, right? Plus, it’s a Saturday and it’s always too busy Saturdays. Sometimes people want to visit and it takes me forever to get everything done in the mornings and also Saturdays are trash day and I have to load up and get to the trash place before noon. Everything closes at noon Saturday.

Anyway, point is, they have all sorts of fun things going on for The Great UP Holiday! Like these:


I love living here! But, then again, all I really want to do is go home to PA for a few weeks. While deer season is in here, Grouse is still in at home and I miss my family beyond words. I miss Pittsburgh Airport and Continental Airlines for flying puppies, too! I would love to go to PA when it’s time for the puppies to fly. But I can’t this time. As soon as I get my trailer, we’ll be ready to roll home all the time!

Okay, time is ticking, taking too long reading the paper, have to get moving because it is dark already. Scrub the dog dishes, scrub the kitchen floor real quick, scrub puppy room floors and walls real quick, check the fire, let the house doggies out and in again,  change back into kennel clothes, barn lights on, garage lights on, phone call…


Okay, let the big puppies out… poor boys. I love them so much. They are so sweet. So handsome. I can’t believe they are still here. I can’t wait to work them more. Maybe tomorrow boys… clean their kennels while they romp in the rain and jump on me. down boys, down, down. Get their dinner ready, all back in. Sweet, beautiful boys… I love you Huron, Seger, Aero, and Rush. Such good boys…

Okay, all the girls out–shoot! I should not have let L-Bird out with the other dogs!—I worry about a collision and those puppies of hers getting hurt! I love you, L-Bird. You are my girl. Maddie girl is looking good.. Maddie girl, I love you! Mia’s heat is finally over, I think. Mia, you’re so pretty… such a good girl… love you, Mia!… I check Santana–no heat yet–good. Not yet, honey, not yet… Good girl, Santana. So beautiful, so sweet. I know you are sad the pigeons aren’t out in the dark. I’m sorry, Santana. love you, Santana girl.  Rue baby is starving–she’s jumping up and down beside me all the way from the barn to garage, which makes it very difficult to drag a water hose, and carry food dishes in the dark without falling… Too funny, Rue. I love you, Rue. You are so pretty, Rue.  Gee, Kia is actually waiting in her kennel for her dinner. Too rainy, dark, yucky and no fun so may as well wait for supper she says! I love you, Kia. Okay, okay girls. Here’s dinner babies. All the girls fed, all out, back in, kennels cleaned, buckets cleaned and filled.


Okay, now for the boys. drag the hose down to the barn. don’t fall in the dark. where’s my headlight? They each have their dinner and go out for a run, but no one really wants out for long and I barely get time to clean each kennel, scrub the water pail, and refill it–they are already waiting to go back in. I love you Ikey, Steeley-man, beautiful Brier baby, and Doc and Rocco you are the best boys! Sweet, sweet Jess, Levi love, Ranger-danger, clever Count, and beautiful Boone. Boone, I love you so much I want to cry. Such a magnificent boy. Wish I could take ALL of you to bed with me. I love you, guys. We’ll hunt again as soon as Mommie can. 

Back inside… wet, muddy, hands freezing… OH NO–they ate my new pair of glasses already!!!!!!!! Took them right off my desk… come on guys, really??? Who did it???  It was one of Scott’s dogs, I know it. 

Okay, on with it…Mommas get their dinner, puppies get their dinner, should I make some dinner for me? Na, not tonight it’s too late already. Put the thawed chicken in brine and into the fridge. will cook it tomorrow. Hot tea sounds really good, eh? Phone calls, laundry, more puppy play time, e-mails, dogs in and out…

Download photos from the camera, upload them to the web space, phone calls…

Mommas want in with puppies…

I better wash all those coffee cups… hungry… I am too lazy to cook dinner tonight… grapes sound good. I know there is a dark chocolate candy bar hidden somewhere in the freezer for emergencies such as this… πŸ™‚

Sofa cover needs washed from muddy foot prints and the puppies attack me and escape while I am trying to get through the door carrying that huge cover while trying to not step on the puppies or in puppy poop. Gitch, no, you can’t play with the puppies, yet. Minnie, no… Minnie, Gitch, Nash, Torri, puppies, puppies, come here, come here! No, no, not in there.  Please… come back… I have to get another gate for there. The last three or maybe it’s four broke. 

Okay, everyone back into the rooms they should be… Find another cover for the butt-ugly sofa (but, hey, it’s a sofa, right? and much better than sitting on the floor).

Mop the kitchen again because puppies peed and I stepped in it, of course. Off with the wet socks. no girls, you can’t play with Mommies socks, you’ve ruined three pair already this week…

Oh, I can’t forget to order wormer! Better do that right now…  okay, done.

I was going to start on the puppy paperwork, but I have no glasses and can’t see. Add that to tomorrow’s list along with the run to the city for dog food. Have to do that right away in the AM… before work. 

Okay, let’s see. find something I can do without glasses. I could start on some painting I am dying to do, or start trying to build that woodstove hearth in the living room, or there’s that sign I want to make, or that bed platform I want to build. Everything is out in the garage and it’s raining and I’m in my nice, clean, dry, bird-dog flannel jammies which are mostly white. Hmmm… no, it’s 11:44 PM. I’m starving and don’t want to cook or eat this late… puppies are chillin’… Gitch and Minnie are finally winding down…  Nash and Torri are napping… I think I’ll actually go to bed before tomorrow morning and my eyes are still burning! I’ll fix the fire one more time for the night, post some gloom and doom to the blog, wash the puppy dishes, switch the sofa cover to the dryer, except I’ll wake the puppies if I do that so, it can wait til morning…

Okay, I’m beat. It was a gloomy, depressing day and if I was a drinker, this would be one of those times to ingest a good bottle of Scotch and drunk-call people. πŸ˜‰ But, I’m not (a drinker), so it’s time to put an end to it and look forward to a wonderful day tomorrow! Can’t let stupid stuff that I have no control over get me down. Turn it around, be positive, smile, play with puppies!

I’m the luckiest girl in the world–how on Earth could I be depressed! Get over it. Get on with it. Get to bed.

Night all…