Cheyenne Out for a Run

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The farm

I heard the storms were coming this afternoon, so after doing the morning chores, I opted to squeeze in a quick morning run. I took Cheyenne. She was so fully of ornery and energy this morning, I figured I had better try to wear her out a bit.

It is Wild Turkey season in PA, so I thought I better not head up the mountain and interfere with any turkey hunters and instead headed to the farm where I knew no one would be hunting–funny, though, there were turkeys there!


I thought I would take Cheyenne, as she really needs to be getting out and exploring the woods and fields. We did a little work on the lead. She got to ride up-front in the truck with me, and then she got to run and explore the farm.

Laurel Mt Llewellin Setter pup, Cheyenne

Cheyenne is such a mix of both her sire and dam that I can never decide exactly which one she is more of…and maybe she is just that perfect mix of both. One minute she will do something that is exactly like Addison, and the next she reminds me of a little Steele clone! A lot of her actions and attitude are just like Addy, but she works more like Steele. Neither here nor there, I love her and both Addy and Steele, so it is delightful!

Cheyenne contemplating the water

Cheyenne got to watch the geese on the Loyalhanna, but decided she wasn’t ready for a swim.

The Loyalhanna Creek

The creek is pretty this time of year.

Cheyenne taking notice to a critter

Chipmunk hiding from Cheyenne

Cheyenne got to see lots of birds (no game birds, though), and some critters, like this chipmunk…

Cheyenne at the creek

We take another visit to the water,

then say goodbye to the farm for today and head back home.

P.S. Cheyenne is currently for sale to the right family. The situation that had been planned for her did not work out. Her pedigree.