Call Me a Cradle Gun Dog Gal

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“Call me a cradle gun dog man, not a convert, for loving bird dogs was bred into me…” George Bird Evans

From a post shared on The Old Hemlock Foundation’s Facebook Page

Were you born loving bird dogs or are you a convert?

My first memory of loving a bird dog was at 10 years of age when I received my first pup, an English Springer Spaniel, for my 10th birthday. I adored “Pup”. But long before that, I remember being absolutely fascinated with two stunning Gordon Setters that a friend of my dad would bring by. I can’t figure out what age I would have been at the time. Dad and his friend would leave to go do whatever they had planned for the day and I would sit with the two magnificent creatures. I was absolutely obsessed with these dogs. They would play fetch with me for hours upon hours and they absolutely never failed to bring back whatever I was throwing–a stick, a stone-whatever I could find in the woods to throw for them. I thought they were the most beautiful, intelligent pals a gal could ever have. And, until I had my own Llewellins, I never knew such a loyal love as this.

I think this is where my adoration for tri-color dogs–particularly dark tri’s–was born.

I’m not certain, but I think the love of bird dogs was bred into me. How about you?