Introducing Photography by Nick Lazur

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Hello All,

I seemingly fell off the planet for the past week.

I’ve been enjoying company. It’s been lovely. I’ll catch up with everything as soon as possible, but, for now, I am very excited to share a few photos that our nephew, Nick Lazur, took. Needless to say, he is a fantastic photographer.

Click on the images for the larger version that will open in a new window.

Cowboy and Allie

I decided not to add captions.

And feel as though these deserve to be highlighted just one at a time…


Maddie Photography by Nick Lazur



I think I will repost them one at a time for the next week or until I run out of them.

A photo of our Llewellin Setter pups, Cowboy and Allie. Taken by Nick Lazur

Cowboy and Allie



Photography by Nick Lazur




Dora waiting by the front door.




and our fabulous orange living room

because orange is weirdly my fav color, now

and the door that I need to finish painting

and I will

as soon as it warms up

and the dogs stop scratching at it

which might not ever happen

so what if I never paint it, right?


Our Llewellin Setter, Maisy. Photography by Nick Lazur




As the kitchen filled with smoke…

because I always burn everything I try to cook.

especially when it’s supposed to be special.

and it only ever happens when I have company, of course

Photography by Nick Lazur






Photography by Nick Lazur






"Rue" ... Photography by Nick Lazur






"Luka" Photography by Nick Lazur






"Gale" Photography by Nick Lazur






"Mia" Photography by Nick Lazur





"Hennah" ... Photography by Nick Lazur





"Kea" Photography by Nick Lazur




There are more of sights around the UP that I will try to share.

I don’t think Nick will mind too much.

I am going to beg him for the rest.

because these were just his favorites that he shared with me.

but I know he took a thousand more that I liked just as much!

but you know how artists are


Make sure to click on the images to see the large version.

And, now I know I am a lousy photographer and today my camera broke when I was trying to see if I could do a better job!


I have to get Nick back here fast.