We Have So Much to Be Thankful For!

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Thanks and Gratitude

Thanks to everyone for all of your Thanksgiving Day Blessings—we wish you the same!

We have so much to be thankful for and the list is endless and we are to give thanks unto the Lord–and do! I will be short, here, and try to stay on the topic of the Llewellin and the relationships and experiences we are so thankful for through them.

We have made such wonderful friends and acquaintances via the dogs and hunting and can’t imagine our lives without these friendships. We share a common bond in the appreciation of these magnificent animals and their abilities to not only intelligently and beautifully seek out game, but also how they fill our lives with their undying loyalty. A dog’s loyalty is unmeasurable to anything else I have experienced.

They are always there for us and would rarely turn on us. There are extreme circumstances, of course, that would make a dog do otherwise, but there is nothing like being greeted by our loyal companions with their wagging tails and excitement they show just because we are home. It is nice to know at least the dog will always be happy to see us!

The friends we have made through this business of the dogs and hunting are the same. I think to own one of these dogs is a privilege and special people know that and appreciate the dog and this special breed. Llewellin owners seem to be just as wonderful as the dogs. We all share the common bond of the love of the breed but also the love of the hunt and of the outdoors!

Our favorite memories are of times afield with other Llewellin owners–sharing in the tradition, the comradery, and the thrill of watching a Llewellin work the woods and fields. We love and appreciate hearing from everyone about their experiences with their pups–we feel we are all apart of a very special family.

I think we all are also very grateful and appreciative of our right to hunt and bear arms, our freedom that our military is protecting, and of the public lands available to us to hunt and work the dogs as well as the organizations that are working to create and maintain habitat so that we will hopefully have wild birds to hunt for decades to come.

I am personally very grateful for those before us that have worked so hard and for so long to keep the Llewellin in existence–not only as just a breed, but as the quintessential, world-class upland bird dog they are. I am also grateful for the support and knowledge each has shared with me in my quest to know everything there is to know so that I may make well-informed decisions in the tiny role I may have the privilege of playing in this. My experience is very small in comparison to those gentleman and women that have been doing this for 40 or more years! I can only hope to have interpreted the information they have shared, the experience I have had hunting, training, and working our Llewellins, and use it in making only excellent choices and decisions for the future of the breed.

So, our Llewellin friends and family, I am thankful for you and for the joy you bring to our lives everyday with your stories, your love of the dogs and of the hunt, and even your occasional frustrations–thank you for sharing and keeping us updated on the progress of the pups. It is so personally important to us to keep in-touch with all of you. On that note, I also would like to apologize for not keeping in touch as much as I really would like to–I have put other things first at times and sometimes do not realize that I may have hurt or offended some. That is never my intention in any way, but many times lately, it appears that I may not be putting others before myself. For this, I am truly sorry and never meant it to harm these truly important relationships.

May you all have a very blessed time with friends, family, and your loving, loyal companions–your Llewellin Setter.