Puppy Update: Sadie (Jett–Mia x Ike, Rockstars)

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Sadie “Jett” from the Rockstars litter (Mia x Ike), lives in Idaho:

Sadie ("Jett" Rockstars -- Mia x Ike)
Sadie (“Jett” Rockstars — Mia x Ike)

2012-08-04 08.30.56

2012-08-13 18.04.33


Her owner says, Hey there! Haven’t gotten an update to you yet, and just wanted to send a HUGE thank you! Sadie is the most awesome dog…that is high praise because my jack russells are pretty cool. Seriously though she is just wonderful in all regards. I love her so much.  Her training is coming along fantastically, and she has really impressed our trainer. A good friend of mine here on the palouse (another falconer) is a professional trainer and is taking Sadie and I through everything together. He has seriously be shocked with how smart and eager to please she is. He has already recommended Laurel Mt. to a couple of falconers that have asked him about Llewellen setters. Her bird drive is fantastic. Anyways she is moving through training fast even though we are in no rush.  I have been busy with training birds as well and she is a champ with them. Anyways, just wanted to send a quick update to tell you that she is doing well, and my wife and I adore her.  I saw some pictures of Segar on a few blog posts…if I didn’t have a full dog load already I’d be calling to see if he was still available.;) He almost tempted me away from Sadie in the begining! Hope the fall is going well! Thanks again! I’ll get more photos to you soon.

All the best,