HELP WANTED: Must Love Dogs

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Long hours. Dirty, physical work. Little or no pay.

A room can be provided. Meals are plentiful October – February. Very little food is available the rest of the year. Must love wild game and garden vegetables.

Duties include:

Daily kennel chores. Thaw water buckets 2–3 times a day in winter. Add straw to dog boxes and kennels in winter. Snow removal in winter.

Exercise dogs. Groom dogs. Feed dogs. I will do the dog training–you will not have to do this at all. Pick up dog poop from kennels and grounds. Split firewood. Bring in firewood. Clean house. Wash dishes. Cook (when there is food). Do laundry ’round the clock when there are puppies. Play with puppies. Pick up puppy poop. Keep puppies clean. Keep their nails trimmed. Keep their whelping boxes and play areas clean and disinfected.

Good photography skills are a plus.

Run sweeper to keep dog hair at bay. Let inside dogs out several times a day. Mop and dust constantly (I find those big fuzzy slippers work very well so you are dusting the floor while walking around doing other chores).

Play, groom, and socialize dogs. Must always be in a good mood around the dogs. Immediate termination to anyone behaving in any other manner when around any of my dogs.

Some travel involved in the fall/winter months to “Wild Bird Training Camps” at different locations around the United States. A valid driver’s license and ability to maneuver a truck and dog trailer are a super-bonus.

Other responsibilities will include fixing things, building things, mowing, trimming, cutting firewood, vehicle maintenance.

Need to be able to function on very little sleep and no whining, please. Healthy, vibrant person needed. Being sick just cannot be tolerated. I understand this does happen once every few years and will overlook this, should it ever occur.

No experience required. Will train. Prefer a female (haven’t met a male that can handle the job, yet, but you are welcome to prove me wrong). Rarely a day off, but we can work something out for an occasional holiday during odd years.

Prefer self-starter, independent and bright enough to see what needs done and do it without being told over and over and over.

Benefits include:

Tons of appreciation from me, my family (the ones that never see me), the neighbors, and happy dogs that can’t wait to see you and greet you with wagging tails, jumping, and kisses will be your pay and reward. Getting to hunt over world class Llewellin Setters, the big bonus. And, if you can help me enough that I can work enough monthly to keep the electric, phone, and Internet service on, you have free use of those things. Warmth if you can keep the firewood split. If you get everything done in 10-12 hours and want the rest of the day off, I will gladly jump up and down and take over the rest of the day while you rest or play.

Apply via e-mail or in person and ready to start immediately dressed in clothing you don’t mind getting covered with dog hair. Oh–you will also need to be prepared to help me evict the current tenant of the bedroom.

Serious inquiries only need apply..