Happy Third Birthday to the “Maine” Litter!

Named for towns in Maine (a favorite state of ours to hunt), out of Shay by Brier. This litter turns 3 years old today! There are a few that sadly I have not heard from for quite a long time. I’ll try to add photos of the pups and what they look like today (of the ones I have heard from that have sent recent photos), for now, here are their puppy photos. Happy Birthday darlings!

Casco (now Shadow)
Casco (now Shadow), eastern PA
Lincoln (Rossi, now deceased) Missouri
Lincoln (Rossi, now deceased) Missouri
Addison (retained by LML)
Ash - Maine
Brooke - Maine
Turner (now Hatch) eastern PA
Weston (now Joker) Delaware

Hope (Abbey Road) PA

Kittery (Livey)
Kittery (Livey) PA
Liberty (now Piper) New Jersey
Liberty (now Piper) New Jersey