Busy Summer at Laurel Mt. Llewellins

Seeing that it has been months since last posting, I thought I would make a quick post to bring everyone up-to-date.

PA has been blessed with beautiful, cooler temperatures the past several weeks, so a lot training has been going on. I have been working all the dogs from 4 months of age to 4 years. Here are a few photos that I was able to get:

We hear from most folks with LML puppies, but not all. I’ll post some of the latest photos here. You can also see the updates on the pups on the LML site.

Reporting on the outlook for the upcoming bird season: Things are looking pretty good in many states, although reportedly PA is not one of them! The Autumn 2008 issue of The Upland Almanac has a good article on the Fall forecast. Tell us about your upcoming hunting trips! We are planning ours, now. I can’t wait to go!!!.