Myra Savant Harris’ Canine Reproduction, Whelping and Puppy Intensive Care Seminar DVD

  • Learn how to help your stud dog thrive
  • Discover the ideal time to breed
  • Determine when a C-section is necessary
  • Learn what the “green discharge” actually is
  • Gain tips to enhance milk production

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Myra Savant Harris Canine Reproduction, Whelping and Puppy Intensive Care Seminar is a dog breeding DVD series that offers techniques for how to breed dogs and raise healthy puppies.

This 4 disc DVD series offers more than 8 hours of recorded breeding seminars given by Myra Savant Harris. Myra applies scientific approaches to every aspect of breeding, and discusses several popular myths.

In this dog breeding video, she explains how to set up the ideal conditions for your stud dog to thrive, calculate when ovulation occurs and the ideal time to breed, determine when a C-Section really needs to happen and know what that ‘green discharge’ actually is. She also has advice on enhancing milk production, encouraging the puppies to latch to the breast, when to tube feed or use formula and much more.