DELTA : Puppy Flight & Health Certificate Fee


Use this to pay for your puppy’s flight & HC Fee for a Delta flight PIT-your domestic destination.


Use this to pay for your puppy’s flight & HC Fee for a Delta flight from Charleston, WV (CRW). Please note that it takes 3-5 business days for the money to transfer for use to pay the veterinarian and airlines. 

Also note that if the pup is over 12 weeks, it will likely need a rabies vaccination to fly, which is an additional fee. And it breaks my heart to have to give a puppy under 20 weeks a rabies vaccine! But, sometimes there is no other option. The veterinarian charges $35.00 for the rabies vaccine.

NOTE: You will have to order:

#200 shipping crate (for 8-10 week old puppy) Please pay attention to the size (28 L x 20.5 W x 21.5 H). Please, do not order smaller or a different style crate. Crates must meet airline standards and cannot be too small or puppy will be rejected at checkin and you don’t want a crate too large because it is first dangerous and there are certain planes and flights that only allow certain size crates.

2 bowls (Airlines insist there are 2 bowls–one for food, one for water and they must attach to the crate door).

Crate pad (optional).

Please note: Toys are not permitted in the shipping crate.

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