All LML Dogs Available for Immediate Adoption

Hi All. Saddest post I’ve ever written, but here it goes…

All Laurel Mt Llewellin Setter’s dogs are being made available for immediate adoption under the following terms:

An “adoption fee” consisting of: Grooming Fee, Spay/Neuter Fee, Vetting Fee to be paid directly to a local groomer/vet, here in West Virginia. It would be best if arrangements were made to pick the dog up at the vet immediately upon spay/neuter so they do not have to recover in a cement kennel. And no registration.

There are 29 dogs of all ages. There are some just 2 years old, but most are 5 and up. None will be made available without the spay/neuter– except the older/retired dogs that probably should not put through the procedure at their age–and none will be made available with registrations.

I can no longer take care of the dogs in this situation. My health does not like it here in West Virginia and all attempts I have made to return to a healthier climate have failed. I have severe allergies to just about everything here and now, the heat (seriously, I break out in unbearable, painful welts like someone has poured acid on raw skin), the pollens, flooring, chemicals, and even to the dogs (although it had been under control in the perfect climate of the Upper Peninsula for over 8 years. Yes, it gets warm there, too. But not for long, not this early, and the dogs were in indoor kennels, thus I could care for them indoors, there, as well as work them out the front door on acres and acres). They are sad, miserable, need exercise, and I can’t do this to them anymore. They deserve to be worked, groomed, lots of attention, great food, hunted. There are no birds here, nowhere to work them, not allowed out of a kennel off-leash, and I am forbidden to breed them and raise my puppies here… I cannot take care of them, be completely incapacitated, and work. And my debt just continues to grow while I lay in bed bawling in pain, itching, and welts all over my body. If you know me at all, you know I am not a person that lays in bed! I am a worker-bee. I give it my absolute all. I don’t watch tv, I don’t play. I do what needs done. But I haven’t been able to do much at all since coming here late last fall and I continue to decline in physical health. Still not being permitted to breed the dogs and raise litters here–their breeding health in decline the longer heats are skipped–and no income, and there is no one that wants to take over the twice-daily duties (taking approximately 4-5 hours) to care for them properly if I leave (I need to start leaving weekends for PA to try to squeak out a little bit of a living to at least try to keep up with my bills and start to try to pay back debt).

Honestly, I could care less about money. I’m not a fancy-pants girl. I’d rather have beautiful, comfortable kennels and property to run the dogs. I can’t even imagine a life without my dogs and this is absolutely killing me. Debt is just not right, though and I can’t take care of the dogs here. I’d give j anything to have my life in the UP back and I wake up every day feeling like I’m living someone else’s. But it is my life. I can’t live in the past and dreaming. This is my new reality and I have to face it and do the best I can for those I owe and for these precious dogs that gave me the life I dreamed of, if only for a short while. A humble farm in the middle of nowhere in the loveliest place on earth where ruffed grouse abound and the northern lights light my bedroom at night. I’ve never felt so blessed and so content and so incredibly grateful. I do still believe in miracles, so you never know–the next post could be from the UP with all of my dogs! But until then, I have to do what is best and right for the dogs.

I will need a week or so to compile all the information and photos and have to be away for several days for a family function (my oldest daughter’s baby shower), so please be patient until late next week–approximately after May 10th, 2019. I will make the information on the dogs available to those that write with sincere interest as to what you are interested in, how much you hunt, etc. Please know that I am unable to respond until after the 10th, but I will. Also know that I am not active on Facebook at this time, please use email, if you don’t mind, and I will respond to all emails after the 10th. Decent photos are almost impossible, here, but I’ll try to get them out of the kennels one at a time on a lead.

May you all forgive me, but I have tried earnestly with all of my being to turn this around, provide you with the puppies you deserve, and follow through with our commitments. I don’t know what else to do, but these magnificent, innocent creatures deserve much more than I can give them, here and now, and so do you and our debtors. I’m trying to do the right thing for them.

Defeated and heart-broken,